A Distorted Vision of the World

I like to take a different look at things when I am walking around. The pictures below have mostly been captured on smart phones although having recently been gifted my first DSLR I am excited to see where I can take this new area of exploration. The "collections" below open up the world from my own perspective. Because of my Mental Health, built on living constantly in a state of Freeze or Flight I find that I am forever critically questioning and reinterpreting the world around me. I look for threats, and hazards, but in doing so I also see the beauty in places you may not necessarily find them.


The Writings on the Wall was one of my most recent and favourite experiences. Captured in late 2021 these are from a day exploring the graffiti'd walls and back streets of Newtown, New South Wales, where I lived for a time, unable to make it hme due to Covid border restrictions.

Scenes from a Locked Down City captures the isolation of being in lock down, 5000km's from home, 5km from your nearest friend and how quickly this took me down an unfortunately well worn path of self destruction. This collection is probably my most personal and includes images of self harm. 



From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

We all swim in a pool of our own making. Some of us predators, some of us food. All trying to live in some form or harmony, but all very aware of the hierarchy that surrounds us.


Sometimes you need to just stand still and look up!

City spaces amaze me, we tend to walk around with heads down, eyes transfixed firmly on to the ground. But what if we stop to occasionally look up? What do we see? Even in the socially harshest of environments there is art and beauty to be found, we just need to remind outselves at times, that it's there.



At Days End

Water fascinates me. From the shore or a pier it can appear calming. The lapping of waves transfixing our aural experiences. But behind everything of beauty there lies an element of danger. The sea can do that in a momentary change. From the surface and below, there be monsters.


The Writing Is On The Wall

Graffiti walls and spaces sooth me. The chaos in their combined imagery mirrors my own mind. A million thoughts and pictures flash through my brain and if I could spray them on to a wall, this is what it would look like.



Scenes from a Locked Down City

This is one of those rare things where I wish I had taken more pictures. But truth be told I was so paranoid about being out in public that I rarely ventured outside of my hotel room for 17 weeks. I hope these capture the isolation I experienced.



The Storm before the Calm

This is a three part series. I absolutely adore the ocean when there is a storm coming. Being able to see the incoming threat of natures violence is in someway both chaotic and peaceful all in one played out moment. 




These were taken on a night out under the stars on a moor in Yorkshire, England. I had taken my son out on an adventure and I captured these as he slept beneath the tarp, just as the sun started to rise and a new day begin.



You know when there is just that perfect sunset, your kids are out in the shallows in the kayaks and everything just feels ok in the world. This was one of those moments where everything felt just perfect.




As with my Storm before the Calm collection above, this again was an attempt to capture the beauty in what had been a really heavy snow fall. I walked through part of this storm and felt like I was drowning, such an amazing feeling to be able to see the crispness of post-natural-violence.



Of Lakes & Mountains

Sometimes you don't even need to go looking for the beauty as it's just there. It's the effort to find the natural composition needed to frame the story that can make the difference between a nice snapshot and the capture of something which only you can see within that moment.