The Deviant Mind

According to research the "average" man (what ever that is) thinks about sex 18 times a day.

For a woman they claim that we think about sex 10 times per day, however, our thoughts are probably a lot more detailed and use slightly more of the brain. In which case, feel free to explore some of my own stories below. Note these are generally of a consensual BDSM nature and therefore not for the feint hearted and especially NOT for minors.

Distorted Rhymes

Distorted Tales


Mistress Charn pt.1

An erotic story detailing the starting of lesbian love affair between a professional Dominatrix and her young female slave


Mistress Charn pt.2

Continuing the story of Mistress Charn as she takes Lucy deeper in to submission and obedience

Mistress Charn pt.3

The third instalment takes Lucy in to Mistress Charns lair as she begins to find her true place is at her Mistresses heel


Mistress Charn pt.4

The penultimate room and Mistress Charns favourite space takes Lucy as deep as she has ever gone before.


Mistress Charn pt.5

Mistress Charn and Lucy enter the final room. Could this be where the story ends or is it just the beginning of a new chapter?



A short story exploring primal desires and the need to both hunt and be hunted in order to explore what lies beneath our basic instincts